Frequently Asked Questions

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Why build tiny homes? Why not make them larger?

Residents in Bluff Street Village will be first-time homeowners. Because of their smaller sizes, tiny homes are easier to maintain than larger houses. They also have lower utility costs and are more affordable to manage overall. The tiny homes also fit on traditional city lots that often are too small for conventional houses.

Why aren’t you rehabbing old houses instead of building new?

Rehabbing old houses is a costly endeavor. Certainly, rehabbing is very important and is being encouraged where possible. However, there are no existing homes on the street to rehab. Also, older homes are challenging to make accessible. Creating vibrant neighborhoods requires many kinds of strategies.

Are the tiny houses accessible?

Yes, the tiny houses are fully accessible. For example, there are no steps, doorways are 36 inches wide, and the bathroom is wheelchair-friendly.

How do I become an owner of a Bluff Street Village Tiny Home?

When a new house becomes available, Bluff Street Village will issue a public announcement for an application.

How many houses are completed?

Six house have been completed with a goal of twenty new homes on Bluff Street.

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