Bluff Street Village is a hand-up, not a handout. Its success depends on potential homeowners paying rent and building equity—and becoming part of a community.

Explore the tiny homes, inside and out.

Resident Responsibilities

Take ownership of their houses at the end of seven years.
Participate in monthly tenants association meetings.
Donate ten hours of community service per month.
Meet monthly with a case worker.
Attend monthly workshops addressing home maintenance and repair, budgeting, health, wellness, and more.

Project Goals

Build up to 20 “Tiny Homes” (400 square feet or less) on foundations

Provide affordable, high-quality housing for persons with incomes of less than $21,000 annually

Charge rent of $1.00 per square foot, with a maximum of rent of $400.00/month

Build all electric houses that are fully accessible with no steps and barrier-free showers